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What is Beauty?

Beauty is not hair nor the makeup. It is what you KNOW about yourself, and how you feel on the inside. Your words are so powerful, and so are your thoughts. I never knew this until I noticed my thoughts were seeping out of my mouth. I found myself trying to explain what I would mean, and some people would say NO you shouldn't speak that way. 

This is when I started to invest in my thoughts. I began reading devotionals, listening to Sarah Jakes-Roberts, and listening to Ted Talks. I have never been an overly confident person, so although others might have thought I was so pretty - the makeup and hair wasn't enough for me.

My thoughts began to keep me from excelling professionally too! That is, until I began working with leaders in Corporate settings and with Instagram models. In my mind, I was pretty mediocre. Later I realized the common thing amongst all of us - we are human/women/moms. Each of us had common goals despite the success or money. Not only were the meme's floating around social media and the viral funny skits of men reenacting how women respond to things- it was the constant limitations we had on repeat about ourselves in our minds that held us back from our full potential.

Now we all have our own goals, dreams, and aspirations. It seems like when things aren't going as planned according to our timeclock we all resort to thinking we aren't good enough or that we went wrong somewhere along the way. While there may have been some opportunities that may have prevented success - it's not always you!

Change the way you view yourself! Remind yourself of the amazing qualities you have and capitalize on them! Make an attempt to change your words and then put small actionable tasks behind your words. That's what beauty is. It's being a mentally stronger version of yourself today than yesterday. See this is not for everyone else to see or know, it's internal. Only you know what's holding you back, and when you fix or correct what's holding you back - it's an amazing feeling! So  your smile hits different. You wear your new outfit different. Your makeup actually glows, and your hair will swing effortlessly. Why, because you felt great about yourself before the enhancements.

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