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My fitness journey begin a little over 4 years ago after a shopping trip when I realized my clothing size had changed significantly. My two girls were a big part of my change as I want to be able to interact with them and set a good example.

At that point I made it up in my head that I had to make a change for me first so that I could be better for them. I begin doing small things on my own and then met others who embraced the lifestyle as well, learning and finally doing things on my own.

Fitness has helped me with coming to peace with my deepest secrets overall mental and physical health.
It has been the motivation behind Hoodbillie Fitness our Garage Gym, helping others to reach their own fitness goals.

If I can give anyone advice is find a community to become a part of and also find out what works for you. No matter how or where you go discipline and consistency will always prevail.

Fitness is a way of life now, it’s no longer something that I do just to meet a certain goal for a special occasion.I continue to learn and develop in order to continue to make changes that best fit my body as well as to help others.

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