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Hello, my name is Kindra Barnes, and I'm from Houston Texas! I am a Wife and mom of 3 young children (B-2011/G-2016/G-2018) After High school (2008), I joined the United States Army  and completed training in Fort Leonard wood Missouri. Life changed drastically for me! I was slightly spoiled so after high school  leaving from being a spoiled cheerleader to being yelled at and spit in my face and too much physical activity- was very different for me. Thankfully I was so grateful I had selected The Army Reserves instead of being Active duty because I didn't like the environment.

When I returned home, life was nothing like I imagined rushing back to. I went back home to my mom and started working regular jobs. This is when I realized I needed to be my own boss. I enrolled in Cosmetology school, and I had no previous knowledge or passion for hair. Then I got pregnant, and this is when my life began. 

Pregnancy number 1's aftermath, was a shocker! No one told me my skin was capable of hanging so low. Or that my breast would no longer be perky. lol, it was rough. But after my son and post partum depression I got into swing of motherhood. I lost my stomach, and felt beautiful again. 

Pregnancy number 2, I was prepared for the C-section aftermath! The only thing that went bad was Preeclampsia. Now, we're a party of 4, and I have my first girl! Right when I started to feel like myself again, I was pregnant with baby number 3.

Pregnancy number 3, so here I am waddling around with 2 small kids and a belly. I was excited, because I always wanted a big family - but I never knew or imagined the emotional rollercoaster our bodies can send us through. After Baby 3, surgery was long because there was so much scarred tissue. This caused me to need a blood transfusion. I finally make it home and I get to focus on life after 3-c sections!

I have no extra time, I'm building a business, I'm working a full-time job, 3 kids, married, and I have a bit of social life. Stomach still hanging with such a weird shape from being overly stretched so much. I decided to get a personal trainer and I fell back in love with Fitness and Beauty. While doing so, I always found myself looking for high-waist swimwear and workout clothes to hide my stomach. Meanwhile, I was determined to lose my stomach. After finding what works and what doesn't work people began to ask me what did I do to lose weight and my stomach. All of them began messaging me and sending me pictures of their stomachs or looking at mine and saying - my stomach looks just like this. What did you do Kindra?! 

I took action finally and created a Community to share my journey as well curated a Online Women's Fitness Apparel brand that would cater to women with Diastasis Recti. Products that are high-waist to simply support what is left over from all those pregnancies', that is until we feel bold enough to have cosmetic surgery.

Currently, I am dedicated to raising awareness in women to always be mindful of self-care. Being a woman, we take on so many emotions, roles, jobs, and responsibilities. In wearing many of those hats, I've found women totally forget about themselves and as a result eat until they've gained too much weight. We will start to wear bigger clothes, not care about getting our hair or makeup done at times, and develop health issues due to this. As women, we mustn't forget about ourselves. It's important for us to create a healthy balance of; healthy food, not-so healthy food, fun, and family! With Good Fit Vibes HTX, I've picked items that make sure you feel confident and beautiful. You'll feel strong and empowered to either run your errands or run in your neighborhood!

Take Care of you All Ways Always,


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